Server rack IP54

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Why an IP54 server cabinet with a higher degree of protection?

In areas where the environment for the installation of a standard server cabinet is too harsh to ensure trouble-free operation, you will find server cabinets with a higher degree of protection.

Advantages of an IP54 server cabinet

  • Dustproof
  • Very robust construction
  • Protection against moisture
  • splash guard
  • Cabinet is fully equipped to accommodate 19" technology

Our server cabinets with increased degree of protection are used to equip server cabinets with air conditioning. The high tightness of a server cabinet is important in an air conditioning system to avoid condensation, which forms when the temperature difference between the air in the server cabinet and the climate and the outside air is too high.

The wall housing with Peletier element has a special position of the server cabinets with an increased degree of protection, a wall cabinet with a purely electrical cooling.