Server rack wall mounting

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19 Inch Wall Cabinet

19 inch wall distributors, also called wall housings, are used to have a node for the further distribution of data lines. It is used at strategic distribution points.

In general, hardly any active components are used, which is why most wall distributors are only equipped with perforations for passive ventilation.

The depth of the wall distributors is usually small. The height of the wall enclosures is given in height units (1U=44.45mm) as with most 19" cabinets. Starting at 4 U, up to a height of 18 U.

One-piece 19 inch wall cabinet

There are one-piece wall distributors which consist of a compact housing. The one-piece 19" wall distributor is the standard wall housing, which is used in most applications.

Two-piece 19 inch wall cabinet

This wall distributor version is used if access to the cable management behind the fixtures must take place more frequently. The front part of the two-piece wall distributor can be easily folded forward for direct access behind the 19-inch elements.

10" closet

If even less space is required to bundle the cabling, the smallest version of wall distributors is ideal. The 10" wall distributor is only 310mm wide and 260mm deep. There are three different heights: 4 U, 6 U and 9 U.

Wall-mounted housing IP55

The sheet steel housing has a depth of 450mm. The IP55 housing is available in 7, 9, 12, 16 and 20U height units. It is completely pre-assembled with welded frame.