Home server rack

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Why a Server Rack as Office Rack?

Professional technology that is used in offices, practices, law firms and even private homes is moving ever closer to the workplace. Servers, UPS and data backup elements can be moved very close to the desk. The noise generated by this technology disturbs concentration and can also be harmful to health in the case of "continuous exposure to sound".

A home server rack, also called office racks, is a specially insulated housing that can accommodate professional 19 inch technology. In this rack, the noisy technology is in good hands, as the resulting noise can be significantly reduced. Important when using a home server Rack´s is the evacuation of warm air from the insulated 19 inch rack. Our Rack´s are equipped with a low noise ventilation system with very quiet blowing in and blowing out fans. So there is also a diagonal ventilation of the Office Rack.