19 inch network cabinet

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Choosing the right network cabinet

When choosing the right 19 inch (48.26 cm) network cabinet, there are a few things to consider:

How much space is required in the network cabinet?
For this you should add the number of planned components and the required height unit (HE), most 19" devices have heights from 1 to several HE (1 HE = 44.45 mm).

Which devices are installed in the network cabinet?
It is important to know which devices are to be installed in the cabinet, as e.g. a server tends to require more space.

If a rack server is to be integrated, it is recommended to use a 19 inch network cabinet with a depth of 1000 mm. In addition, special network cabinets are sometimes equipped with perforated doors, or with fan cassettes in the roof to ensure optimal air circulation.

What width does my network cabinet need?
A network cabinet has a width of 600 or 800 mm. The 600mm wide variant is chosen when cabling is routed from the front 19" mounting level to the rear, or vice versa.

The 800mm wide variant is used for very high cable volumes. Cables that also have to be tied laterally, i.e. next to the 19-inch mounting level, require more space. For this reason, a server cabinet with a width of 800mm is the better choice in this case.

How much space does it take around a network cabinet?

The space you choose is critical to the proper functioning of the cabinet.

The network cabinet should be easily accessible from all sides to allow central cable routing. The ambient temperature also plays an important role when selecting a location. If the network cabinet is located in a room, directly in front of the window, directly exposed to the sun's rays, an increased temperature in the server cabinet can be expected in summer. An air-conditioned room for a network cabinet is ideal, but very rare.

Does a network cabinet need to be cooled?
A network cabinet is often not only intended for the distribution of cables, but more and more active components are installed in the network cabinet. Heat is generated and must be evacuated from the network cabinet. The continuous cooling of network cabinets is realized by fans. These are placed on the outer shell of the network cabinet, preferably in the roof. Fan Cassettes with several fans and possibly also with a temperature-controlled thermostat effectively bring a negative pressure into the network cabinet, which draws the accumulated process heat from the network cabinet. The standard version with fan cassette is used in the Triton network cabinet. In areas where less fan noise is important, particularly quiet fan cassettes with Silent fans are used.

How future-proof is the Triton network cabinet?

Our network cabinets from Triton with a width of 800mm are already prepared for the new standard: "ETSI ready".

Network cabinet which accessories?

Very few network cabinets are used without accessories. You will find a large selection of 19 inch accessories in our online shop.