Tablet/Notebook Cabinet

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Why a Tablet Cabinet?

Tablet cabinets are used to store several Tablet devices centrally. During the rest period of the devices, they can be charged for the next use. For the safety of the devices, a tablet cabinet should be lockable so that unauthorized access can be denied. This can be a wall cabinet, a floor cabinet or a trolley.

Advantages of a tablet cabinet:

  •     All devices can be stored centrally
  •     Tablets can be charged during storage
  •     The tablet cabinet is lockable
  •     Perforations at the top and bottom ensure passive ventilation
  •     Open system. Further elements can be installed later.

    The basic equipment tablet cabinet for 10 trays
    The mobile solution tablet trolley for school and business for your own expansion
    Our solution for wall mounting: Tablet cabinet for 20 tablets

    Our tablet cabinets can also be used as laptop cabinets!