19 Inch shelves

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Why do you need a 19 inch shelf or equipment carrier?

19 inch cabinets are very popular because they are also very flexible and versatile.
The 19-inch mounting rails offer a simple mounting option for shelves, trays and equipment carriers. These shelves can be used to store devices that do not have 19-inch mounting brackets.
A 19 inch shelf can be mounted anywhere in the 19 inch cabinet.
19-inch-Tec has a large selection of 19-inch shelves. Differences are mostly in depth and color. But there are also significant differences in function. Simple shelves are fixed to the front rail and, depending on the depth, are intercepted in the back of the rack by another 19-inch rail. We can offer several models of this design variant.

Another variant of the shelves can be pulled out (pull-out shelf) to better reach the adjusted elements.