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Fan / cooling with ventilation systems for server cabinets, network cabinets or also switch cabinets

The simplest cooling option is the installation of 19" plug-in fans. This can also be retrofitted without great effort. The purpose of the drawer fans is to let the air circulate in a cabinet and to deliver the temperature via the cabinet surface (sheet metal version). The 19" rack-mounted ventilator must be installed in the cabinet in such a way that air circulation can occur in the cabinet. It must not be installed from above or below! Prerequisite for this function: The air in the installation location must be cooler than the temperature in the cabinet. The cooler the outside air, the more effective is the cooling in the cabinet.

Against heat nests in the server cabinet, i.e. heat points on the housings of the active devices, we have developed a 19-inch/4U horizontal ventilation unit + thermostat to push the air back from the front rack area. This cools the heat sources with air. For particularly sensitive areas there are complete units with up to 4 U ventilation unit 3 U/3 Silent fans.

The most frequent measure to lower the cabinet temperature is the installation of a roof fan. The roof fan creates a negative pressure in the cabinet and sucks in the cold air from outside via the perforations in the base of the cabinet. The cool air is drawn through the cabinet and blown out again through the roof. The cooler the outside air, the more effective the cooling in the cabinet.

In the Triton cabinets, the use of a fan cassette in the roof and in the floor is already planned. Cassettes of 2 to 6 fans can be selected for standard operation. For a higher thermal load, the high-performance fan can be selected, which also fits into the standard opening of the Triton cabinets.

Silent fans are used when the technology moves closer to the workplace. Silent fans are used directly in offices, practices and conference rooms. The air flow rate is lower than with standard fans, but the noise level is lower and therefore important when it comes to noise reduction and health at the workplace. The Silent fan cassette is available to match the breakouts of the Triton cabinets. But also individual Silent fans for do-it-yourself installation in existing cabinets are used (1-3 Silent fans for do-it-yourself installation) to reduce noise.
For the air circulation in the 19 inch installation level we have developed special 19 inch fan units which are particularly quiet. The smallest version is the 1 U fan unit with 8 Silent fans. These are preferably installed in the upper HE of the server cabinet or acoustic cabinet to ensure air circulation in the tightest space. The next stage is the 2 U unit (fan unit 2 U with 5 Silent fans), which provides more air volume and is correspondingly larger. Large 120mm fans are used in the 3U unit. To be found under ventilation unit 3 HE/3 Silent fans. To complete the series, all fan units are also available "Invers". These inverse units pull the air out of the 19 inch server rack. In connection with the standard fans an ideal extension.