19 inch rack dismountable

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Why is a 19 inch rack dismountable?

19 inch Rack´s are mostly very large and sometimes doors and passages are too narrow to place a server rack in the designated place. The frame of a standard rack is welded and cannot be disassembled.

The Triton RYA cabinet is a 19 inch cabinet that can be used as a server cabinet, rack, network cabinet or LAN cabinet. This 19 inch rack can be dismantled (for narrow passages) and is delivered compactly assembled. This means there are no compromises in rack quality and flexibility at the same time. The RYA rack is equipped with the necessary elements to operate a 19 inch rack. All 19 inch mounting rails, grounding cables and levelling feet are already included in the delivery. The 19 inch rack is with its high load capacity of 1200kg, and with reinforcement strips, even up to 1500kg loadable. The server rack can accommodate heavy rack servers and UPS systems and is particularly suitable for data centres.

Advantages of a dismountable server rack

  •     Delivery of the cabinet assembled
  •     easy disassembly and assembly
  •     easy transport through narrow areas
  •     high stability
  •     no cutbacks in quality and stability

Other versions are also possible. These can be assembled in the TRITON configurator.
The server cabinet is packed completely on a one-way pallet and delivered by the forwarding agency from the curb to the first door.

Many matching and helpful additional elements can be found in our online shop under 19 inch accessories.