Admin consoles in different versions

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What do I need a KVM console for?

A KVM console consists of a KVM switch (the abbreviation stands for Keyboard Video Mouse: Keyboard-Screen-Mouse-Switch) and a 19 inch console consisting of a monitor and a keyboard. The advantage is that the entire unit fits into the 19-inch mounting level and requires only 1U mounting height. Ideal to administer several servers with only one KVM console.

The offered admin consoles (KVM console) are offered as a simple console with monitor and keyboard, with a 17" display, with 17.4 FULL HD and as a 19" display version.

For working with closed front door with glass insert the Admin Console with Dual Rail is used to be able to move monitor and keyboard independently of each other.
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Admin consoles are an important auxiliary instrument if one has to operate several computers in the server cabinet. Hence the name, because this activity is the job of an administrator. For each computer a display and a keyboard, that was once. Today, all the computers in the server rack that have to be operated are operated by a monitor and a keyboard. One simply switches over to the next computer and continues to work with the same unit. The connection to the computers is realized by a special KVM which is placed directly behind the admin console. This is the advantage of a console that is built into a 19" server cabinet, it takes only 1 U (44.45mm), so a great space optimizer.

The basic equipment for the server cabinet is the TFT console with a 17" monitor for controlling a computer in a 19" cabinet. This is the standard version and costs only 480,-€ net.

To control 8 computers from one admin console, the admin console with 17" monitor and 8-port KVM is used.

The Admin Console with 17" monitor and 16-port KVM enables the administration of up to 16 computers.